Steelton Skatepark

The Steelton Skatepark, located just outside Harrisburg in the heart of Dauphin County, is the only FREE public skateboard park in Central PA.

The park provides incredibly diverse skateboarding terrain for skateboarders of all levels. The skatepark fulfills a long-standing need for a place to skate for the the Harrisburg area; the surrounding communities of Hershey, Camp Hill and Steelton; and the entire Central PA region. 

The skate park is located at Municipal Park in Steelton, PA, just minutes from Hershey Park, Middletown, Lemoyne, Highspire, Paxtonia, Colonial Park and West Shore locations. The Steelton Skatepark, a labor of love developed by Arment Concrete, Rayzor Tattoos & Skateshop,  the avid local skateboarding population, and the Steelton Borough, will be a huge success in the 717 area.

Design elements for the park include old-school necessities coupled with integral modern essentials: the freely available public skatepark will offer challenges to develop the skills of rookies and veterans alike.

central-pa-skatepark-street-park-bowl central-pa-skatepark-concrete-harrisburg concrete-bank-hubba-rails-bowl concrete-bowl-four-six-feet concrete-park-banks-rail-hubba concrete-skate-park-street-central-pa concrete-stairs-spine-rail-quarter-pipe harrisburg-skatepark-bank-bowl-concrete street-skate-spine-manual-pad three-quarter-bowl-mogul-quarter-pipe wave-quarter-pipe-mogul-bowl


At approximately ten thousand square feet, the park is the size of two tennis courts and surfaced entirely with concrete. The Steelton Skatepark features a bowl, a three-quarter open-ended bowl, hubbas, banks, a quarter pipe, rail and stairs.

As of 09.01.2017, the free skate park is officially open to the public from dawn to dusk, seven days a week, year-round.

Current events and happenings can be found on the Steelton Skatepark Facebook page.