Steelton Skateshop

The Steelton Skateshop at Rayzor Tattoos is the ONLY skater-owned, skater-operated skateboard shop in the Harrisburg area.

We are the only skateshop run by people who know the sport, who have used the gear we’re providing you with, who have actually been out there, relying on it, learning it inside and out, backward and forward (and sometimes upside down).

Let that sink in for a moment.

Not only are we the only skater-owned skateboard shop in the Harrisburg area, we are the premier force behind promoting skateboarding in the Capital Region. We have and continue to run contests, set up community programs and give lessons in the area. We built the area’s first vert ramp, we were the first to bring longboarding to Central PA, and we hold the most-attended skateboarding competitions. We were the partner of choice for the Steelton Borough when they decided to open Harrisburg’s first free, public skatepark.


Ray Young, owner of Rayzor Tattoos & Skateshop, at Upland Park in the 1980s.


 Simply put: we know skateboarding. It’s in our blood.


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We are knowledgeable on all aspects of skateboarding, whether longboarding, park skating or street skating. Our skateboard shop carries a variety of equipment for all aspects of skateboarding.

Clutch longboards
Earthwing skateboards
Bliss longboards
Real skateboards

Sector 9

Zoo York
Black Label

Phat Deanz wheels
Retro wheels
Venom wheels
Spitefire wheels

Paris trucks
Caliber trucks
Independent trucks

Plus Venom bushings, MOB griptape and more!



Ray Young, participating in the Conshohocken Downhill Race.

Community Involvement & Accomplishments:

Keystone ramp

Camp Shikellimy YMCA skate Camp

Camp Lohikan Skateboard Summer 

Numerous Contests:
Concrete Carnage
Harrisburg Old School Street Contest
& More

Get on Board program for children with special needs


Ray Young, owner of Rayzor Tattoos and Steelton Skateshop, demoing the Bliss B longboard.