Welcome Vince to the Rayzor Tattoos Harrisburg Skateshop Team

Below is a short interview with Vince Musser, newest team member of our Harrisburg skateboard shop team.

This guy has been riding for some time now and has some of the best speed lines at the Steelton Skatepark that I have ever seen.

Steelton Harrisburg Rayzor Tattoos Skateboard Shop Team Member Vince Killing It

The Skateshop @ Rayzor Tattoos Welcome Vince Musser to the Team!

Click here to see Video of Vince at the Steelton Skatepark

A few words with Vince

Tell us about your first experience on a skateboard…First thing that caught my attention was an episode of “Bill Nye the Science Guy” that featured kids skating at a wood park (in the early 90s). That section of the episode was about gravity, so they had skateboarders, who defy gravity. It was just a short clip. It was the first time I got to see kickflips and stuff like that. After seeing it, I knew I had to do it! No question.

When did you know you were hooked…Right from the first time trying it.

How long ago was that….1994

More Video of Vince

Where would you credit your learning to skate…Waynesboro, VA
who did you skate with…My buddies Noah and Mike for the most part, back in those days.

What’s your best memory skating…Just every time a sesh really goes off, it’s so fun just to be involved in that. Also when my son first dropped in.

When was that…1994-2017

Opinion on the Harrisburg skate scene…It got a big boost when the Steelton park was built. It has always had a good scene(of course everyone is really friendly), but needed a place for people to congregate pretty badly. Wright Skatepark served that purpose really well while it was open.. now Steelton will.

First park you ever skated….Some tennis courts in Elizabethtown.

Favorite park….Moreskates RIP

Favorite trick…Kickflip, Carving

More video of Vince ripping the Steelton Skateboard Park

What do you think of the Steelton Skatepark…Very fun. Everything was built properly.
and the scene there… It is still new, but so far, I just see people enjoying it, having fun, being positive. People there are friendly and helpful in my opinion.

What about the local kids skating…It has caused a lot of locals to take up skating! This is visible everyday!

We are pretty stoked to have you ride for our Harrisburg skateboard shop team… hopefully you are too.. any thoughts on this..I am too! Skateboarders always need a good local shop. Between your location and approach, they have one!

Special Thanks Goes out to to Nigel Stoner for providing the video footage of Vince.

It Happened! Central PA has a SKATEPARK

Finally.. it happened.

Dauphin County's first and only FREE skatepark

Dauphin County’s first and only FREE skatepark

Thanks to the cooperative efforts of the dauphin county commissioners, the borough of Steelton, the get on board skateboarding  program, Rayzor Tattoos, and the Harrisburg area skateboarding population; Central PA now has a FREE concrete skateboard park. Built by Arment Concrete, the Steelton Skatepark is a huge hit among Central

Well folks, Harrisburg finally has a free park!

Well folks, Harrisburg finally has a free park!

PA skaters and the local Harrisburg /Steelton community. This past weekend the park opened to the the public. People came from York, Lebanon, Maryland, Lancaster and even New York to ride the 10,000 square foot skatepark.

Nice... huh?

Nice… huh?

There were probably at least 150 people through the park on the first day alone. Families, old heads, young bucks and locals arrived,skated together, took pictures, bbqed and even gave local novice skaters a helping hand or a ride on their skateboard. The local politicians made an appearance along with the local police dept and marveled and the skill and interaction of everyone there, hell, i think some may have even gotten a few rides in.

Even though the the park is currently open to the public, the official grand opening event is September 23rd, follow the Steelton Skatepark facebook page here for updates on the park.

see ya there

Enjoy the pics, since i don’t know everyone’s name, i’m leaving out all the names… if you recognize yourself and don’t want  the pic on the site, please call us at 717-939-2222 and i’ll take it down.


Steelton Skateshop opening day celebration

Well… we took the plunge..

Radiation Ray, frontside grind mid 80's Upland skatepark

Radiation Ray, frontside grind mid 80’s Upland skatepark

A number of years ago we started selling skateboards here at Rayzor Tattoos because I was sickened about what was going on in the retail end of skating. Retailers had crappy choices and they were not supporting, nor cared about, the Harrisburg skateboarding scene.

After years of supporting events and local skaters in the region I am happy to say Steelton has stepped up to build Dauphin County’s first public and FREE concrete skatepark. So we followed suit here at the tattoo shop and expanded our retail area to include the spot next to us and open up Harrisburg areas only skater owned skateboard shop.

Last Saturday we had a grand opening ribbon cutting bbq… or something like it. It was suggested that we do a chain cutting ceremony instead of a ribbon… and of course we jumped on that idea.

Instead of a ribbon cutting.. we cut a chain!

Instead of a ribbon cutting.. we cut a chain!

ribbon-chain-cutting-ceremony-rayzor-tattoos-skateboard-skateshop Screenshot_2017-08-10-14-20-35

The Steelton borough quickly stepped up and even offered to shut the road down so the kids could skate… well… ok.. lol.

Steelton police along with the borough showing their love and support by shutting the road down for skaters

Steelton police along with the borough showing their love and support by shutting the road down for skaters

IMG_9270 IMG_9272 IMG_9280 IMG_9285

roadrash Williams of the new Public Menace skate crew... keeping it dangerous!

Roadrash Williams of the new Public Menace skate crew… keeping it dangerous!

well... maybe they just shut the road down so they could skate themselves!

well… maybe they just shut the road down so they could skate themselves!

Steelton police showing support for skaters by shutting down the road for them to session

Steelton police showing support for skaters by shutting down the road for them to session

When the day arrived we were pleasantly surprised by all the people who showed and the support we received. The Steelton mayor, borough manager, and a State Rep assisted in the chain cutting. Even the police showed up to shut the road down and get a little skating in themselves.

Even Local news ABC channel 27 did a story on the event. View story here

rayzor Tattoos and Skateshop... Harrisburg Areas ONLY skater owned skateshop

Rayzor Tattoos and Skateshop… Harrisburg Areas ONLY skater owned skateshop

Skater owned and operated

Skater owned and operated

Longboard and shortboard skateboarders alike from the central Pennsylvania regions showed up, skated, ate food and enjoyed Steelton’s accommodating attitude towards skaters in anticipation of the nearly finished Steelton skatepark, more to come on that… real soon!

Only the BEST in skateboarding and equipment

Only the BEST in skateboarding and equipment

IMG_9161 IMG_9169 IMG_9177

Skatepark of Steelton Update 6-21-17

Steelton Skatepark update

As you probably already know Steelton is getting Dauphin County’s first public and free skateboard park.

The park Located at municipal park (right outside Harrisburg) came about as a concentrated effort between the Dauphin County Commissioners, Steelton Borough, Rayzor Tattoos and Skateshop, and the Get on Board skateboarding program…. Among others I am sure (sorry if I left you out).

Arment Concrete won the public bid and the construction is well on it’s way. The park will consist of a bowl (4 and 6 feet deep), a ¾ open ended bowl (approx 4 feet deep), hubbas, banks, a rail, and even a set of stairs. The park covers 2 tennis courts (approx 10,000 square feet) and will be all concrete (thank god).

This park looks good so far, nice big coping and some real flowing lines with a bunch of hips. Projected date for completion is sometime in August. I know we are getting anxious. Til then enjoy the pics and check back and/or follow the skatepark facebook page for updates.

rayzor tattoos-skatepark bowl-steelton skatepark-the skateshop at rayzor tattoos-arment concrete-harrisburg-skateboarding skateboarding-park-steelton-pa-17113-rayzor-tattoo-piercing-skateshop-harrisburg-cetral pa-arment concrete-longboarding skateboarding-park-steelton-pa-17113-rayzor-tattoo-piercing-skateshop-harrisburg skatepark-concrete-steelton-skateboarding-rayzor-tattoo-skateshop-at steelton skatepark-arment concrete-steelton borough-skatepark in steelton-the skateshop at rayzor tattoos-stair set-skatepark stairs-skateboards steelton skatepark-pa skatepark-steelton skateshop-rayzor tattoos-the skateshop at rayzor tattoos steelton skatepark-rayzor tattoos-arment concrete-harrisburg-central pa skateshop steelton skatepark-rayzor tattoos-arment concrete-harrisburg-central pa skateshop-longboards-longboarding-skateboards-steelton skateshop-harrisburg skateshop-rayzor tattoo skatepark-concrete-steelton-skateboarding-rayzor-tattoo-skateshop-at skatepark-concrete-steelton-skateboarding-rayzor-tattoo-skateshop-harrisburg-17113-highspire skatepark-steelton-pa-rayzor-tattoos-skateshop steelton skatepark-rayzor tattoos-the skateshop at rayzor tattoos-arment skatepark builders-arment concrete-skateboard shop steelton-skateboards-longbords steelton-borough-pa-rayzor-tattoo-ray-young-skateshop-harrisburg-pennsylvania steelton-borough-pa-rayzor-tattoo-ray-young-skateshop-harrisburg-pennsylvania-skateboarding-longboard-skateshop steelton-borough-pa-rayzor-tattoo-ray-young-skateshop-harrisburg-pennsylvania-the skateshop at rayzor tattoos

Groundbreaking Steelton Skateboard Park

Yesterday May 9th 2017 will now be known as an epic day to the Harrisburg regions skateboarding community. Steelton PA had it’s Skatepark ground breaking ceremony. Yep, it’s official, Steelton will be building Dauphin county’s first FREE public skatepark. The park will fill a much needed skateboarding void to the residents and skateboarders of the surrounding regions, be it Harrisburg, Camp Hill, the West Shore, Colonial Park, Middletown, Paxtang or anywhere else in the 717 area. It’s no secret that Steelton and the Dauphin county commissioners support skateboarding. The park will be built by veteran skater and park builder Arment Concrete with funding made possible via a tourism and gaming grants from the county alongside loans taken out by the Steelton borough.

The turn out for the ground breaking was nothing short of spectacular, with Steelton’s own skateboarding police officer, the police chief, mayor, borough manager and other officials giving supporting words and encouragement to the project and the skateboarding community. In other words, STEELTON GETS IT!!

Many skaters showed up and were excited to see once and for all something being done about this long neglected population. Rumor has it that a skater even gave a complete skateboard to a local kid to skate on, now that’s love.

After all the speeches and thank yous were given an impromptu skate session broke out on the site, demonstrating the excitement and diversity of those who attended. Police officers, local long boarders, business owners, kids from out of the area, and even a father skating with his 4 year old daughter could be seen skating around.

The crew at Rayzor Tattoos and Skateshop and the Get on Board Skateboarding program are excited to see such a project happen in their town and would like to publicly thank Doug Brown (Borough Manager) for being so supportive and such an awesome dude.

Enjoy the pics of yesterday’s event below…


Nate Demuro of the Get on Board skateboarding program showing support


Local skaters from Steelton and surrounding areas say… It’s about TIME!


Ray Young of Rayzor Tattoos and Skateshop talking skateboarding with the Mayor


Ray and his ever supportive girl Jamie

Ray and his ever supportive girl Jamie

officials-shovel-groundbreaking ray-young-police-chief-steelton-skateboarding-local-skatepark-central-pa-skateshop-tattoo-parlor rayzor-tattoos-skateshop-harrisburg-area-skater-owned-skateshop